Nautical Seating Chart Inspiration – Gold and Navy Seaside Wedding

I always love seeing the various ways my clients use my designs. Here are some photos of a Nautical Navy Blue and gold wedding seating chart. I’m so happy my client decided to share these with me. The wood frames add a rustic touch!
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Vintage Style Wedding For Kate

Kate is getting married in a gorgeous old-world mansion. She requested that I customize this vintage banner style monogram for her and create a seating chart to coordinate with the style of her venue.

Vintage Monogram Seating Chart

Vintage Monogram Seating Chart

Seating Chart For Shannon – Pink and Navy

Shannon asked me to create a Seating Chart that matches the Table Numbers and Photo Booth Sign I created for her earlier this year. I just love her creative table names! Each table is named after one of the couple’s favorite bars, restaurants or pubs. So unique and fun!

Custom Wedding Seating chart in pink and navy for Shannon

Table Number Named after the Bride and Groom's Favorite Pub

Table named after one of the Bride and Groom’s favorite pubs

Custom Photo Booth Sign in Pink and Navy

Custom Pink and Navy Photo Booth Sign