Seating arrangements – seating chart template

A victory packet for the WORST wedding project you’ll ever have to do.


Lets face it, your down to the wire, and you’re trying to get a million other things done before your big day. Sitting down and figuring out who sits at what table is going to be so time-consuming and stressful… you just know it will be awful! You can already see it, your up at 2am, arranging seating on your living room floor using sticky notes and duct tape. There has to be a better way. Right!?

Creating seating arrangements can sometimes be the most challenging part of planning a wedding. As a stationery designer, I’ve seen what a struggle (and a stress inducer!) this project can become for my clients.

But don’t worry! I’m here to support you. I’ve created a FREE packet of tools that will ensure your success.

Whats included in the Victory Packet:

  • Template -A super easy-to-use excel sheet to track guests and seating arrangements.
  • 5-Step Checklist – so you can complete this project in a flash!
  • Style Guide – 1 page cheat-sheet with the proper Mr. Mrs. Ms. Miss format for any situation!
  • FAQ  – Your frequently asked questions – answered!

Are you ready to get this project knocked out of the park?!
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What others are saying:

“ Thank you SO MUCH! This was the support and direction and resources I needed!!! I feel so much better. ”  – Laura P. from  Massachusetts

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